Foreigners must obtain an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to visit Sikkim. The permit can be obtained from all Indian missions, Tourism office in New Delhi, Tourism office in Calcutta, Tourism office in Siliguri or at Rangpothe entry point of Sikkim. The 15 days duration permit is issued on the spot without any delay FURTHER IT CAN BE EXTENDED FOR 15 DAYS MORE all you have to do is provide two photo-copies of passport and visa details along with two passport sized photographs of the applicant. 

There are a number of small, medium and large-sized hotels to suite individual budgets. You can even stay at Five star hotels. For the best rate you can afford to pay, simply contact us 

Air :
Nearest airport is Bagdogra which is 124 kms. And appx. 5 hrs. drive from Gangtok. Over here flights come from Calcutta, Delhi and other North Eastern parts of India. From Bagdogra you can also take a flight by Helicopter to Gangtok. 
Rail : The two closest railway stations are Siliguri (114 kms.) and New Jalpaiguri (125 kms.). Drive from these place to Gangtok takes about 4 to 5 hours. 
Road : Gangtok is well connected by road with Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Siliguri and other important centers in India. Also in Districts within Sikkim all the roads are well connected. 
Road driving is also an great experience you face while coming to Gangtok. With the the dense forest above and the mighty river- Tista below. 

SOME SIGHTS TO VISIT IN GANGTOK : Roaming around in Gangtok does not cost you a lot. Wondering on green mountain trails, roaming around the ancient stupas, monasteries, temples and be acquainted with different cultures and traditions with its endless intriguing rituals, festivals and activities. 
SCALING NEW HEIGHTS : To the adventure lovers trekking in Sikkim is an experience of many dimensions whether it is short trek or long trek. You might even find the pleasure to climb the Third highest mountain in the world i.e Mt. Khangchendzonga. So it is indeed a very unique experience for you all. 
A RAPPORT WITH NATURE : Trekkers in Sikkim are spellbound the profusion of plants and flowers. A variety of over 4,000 species of plants - magnolias, rhododendrons, junipers, blue poppies, gentians, primulas makes a pretty posy of memories of your trekking holiday, into this botanical odyssey. One of the unique features of the Sikkim Himalayas is the splendor of numerous mountain lake flowers in the riot of colors beyond 10,000 feet - a feast to the eye of a trekker. Tranquility all the way ! 
WHITE WATER ADVENTURE : Get ready to rip ! The Teesta and Rangeet rivers sparkle them with your rafting skills and kayaking against the rapid currents. Experience an unforgettable water adventure. 
YAK SAFARI : Ride on the horse or bull but come to Sikkim to ride on Yaks. A different kind of ride indeed !!! 
MOUNTAIN BIKING OR HAND GLIDING : This is being promoted in north Sikkim and west Sikkim


  • In Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) firstly we give the patient a Acetozolamide or a Dimox medicine, still if the patient does not respond to this medicines then the best remedy is for the patient to descend towards a lower altitude. 

  • Allow as much acclimatization after every 2000 meters. (Atleast one day rest should be taken)

  • Sikkim has a wide range of climates and conditions. If you prefer to bring food items, bring food which will help you up through steep slopes. 

  • Avoid skimpy clothes.

  • Before coming for treks check out with your local doctor for requirements and recommendations regarding travel in India. 

  • Allow plenty of time before travel.

  • If you are allergic to certain food then please inform us in advance so that we can prepare a meal of your choice.

  • If possible try to bring your own medicine and first aid kit.

It is a general custom to tip guides and porters ,it has no definite rate but depends on the quality of service they provide as you are well aware it's a very risky and laborious job to take you to the mountainous region. It will be wise to distribute in front of all members. 

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