Having almost a decade of experience as treks and tours operator, Pardick Treks and Tours was established under the name of Pardick Private Limited by two brothers Kishore and Bejoy Thapa. With several years of experience under our belt, the company has undertaken and conducted various trekking, touring and river rafting in and around Sikkim. Our agency has a strong foothold in the field of trekking and touring.

In the ground operation the company has fielded with experienced high altitude mountain guides (reliable in handling any serious problems in the mountainous regions while trekking unto 5000 meters). In our record, an old lady about sixty years of age and a paralyzed man from shoulder to toe (left side), have successfully completed trekking the Dzongri trek about 4030 meters, successfully. We also have well trained guides having sound knowledge in flora, fauna and Buddhism in Sikkim.

We have strictly maintained all the RECORD of our clients therefore interested clients can refer to the trekking reports duly filled by the clients as feedback and to boost moral support specially for those who has decided to trek. With its past experience our company has perfectly designed the itinerary for tourists having short or longer days to come and tour or trek in Sikkim. The choice is unto you all. Still if you all find it difficult to adjust with out itinerary, new itinerary cab be prepared to match your date and requirements so that you can visit Sikkim at your own convenient time.